My posts on music reviews and general theme of my blog has led me to believe that my audience includes people who are quite interested in music and have a strong interest or passion in experiencing it beyond the music itself. I imagine someone who could be in search for hidden gems in hip hop or are looking for insights into music they may already be listening to. Based off of this, I have tailored my website to be rawer and straight forward when it comes to my writing style and presentation. I believe my audience would appreciate many of the same things I do, so I try to be expressive and insightful without being superfluous. I believe if I can provide something valuable to them, then they will be more likely to visit the blog and engage in what I write. My goal is to try and help people find new music and assist them in experiencing that music beyond just listening to it. If I can enrich one person’s experience, then I can say that I have succeeded.