Care For Me is Saba’s second solo studio album that was released in 2018. The ten track album features two tracks that are split: “Busy/Sirens” and “Prom/King”. “Busy/Sirens” if perfectly split and the transition between the two sections is arguably the best part of the song. Saba is an incredible story teller, and each song flawlessly delivers different stories from Saba’s life. From stories from his prom experience to fighting with others and himself, each song really captures your attention and keeps you listening to the very end. The album is varied in many aspects from the types of stories to the beats and flows. Some tracks such as “Broken Girls” and “Calligraphy” are more RnB whereas tracks like “Life’ and “Logout” are faster but with different tones. “Calligraphy” is a very special song on this album as well because Saba outlines how he writes out his problems and uses that to cope with them. His music is his outlet for confronting and facing issues in his life. This is the basic theme of the album and comes through in the previously mentioned story-telling. The album is a journey in itself. Saba lost his cousin due to stabbing a year before the release of the album so it acts as a piece that reminisces memories of him as well as griefs for him. From lines like “I’m so alone” in “Busy/Sirens” to “These melodies therapy” in “Grey”, Saba outlines his feelings in relation to his loss and how he is coping with it. The final track “Heaven All Around Me” is written from the perspective of Saba’s cousin, and closes the album beautifully. It talks about how he is surrounded by Heaven but still with his friends and family. He isn’t lost nor is he gone because he lives through this art and through the artistic expression in this album. Overall, I would give this album a 4.3. It is an incredible story and stunning homage to Saba’s cousin. The melodies, diversity, and messages throughout the work make this an album worth spending time with. If you are looking for a great story to get lost in and conscious lyrics, Care For Me is a must.