Running a blog has been quite an interesting and eye-opening experience for me. I have never had any experience that related to this, and I have had mixed feelings about it. I think in the beginning it was quite intimidating for me. Choosing what to blog about, what my theme should be, how the website should look. These were all thing that overwhelmed me and could’ve easily dissuaded me from continuing. I’m glad that that I didn’t stop, however. Writing creatively and expressively is something that I haven’t done in a while, and it is a nice break from some other more quantitative courses that I am taking. The ability to write about something I’m passionate about has also let me connect better with it. I have started listening to more music, doing more research, and enjoying a much more enriched experience with music because of this. One thing I was not prepared for was how much work this would be. Along with other classes and extra-curricular activities, keeping up a weekly blog post has proved challenging. Listening to new music every week so I can write on it, keeping up with process posts, and writing the actual reviews has been a bit of a struggle for me. Sometimes I enjoy a project so much that I listen to it for two or three weeks and miss out on the next album I was supposed to listen to. I am now catching up on a lot of my writing that I have fallen behind on, and I feel as if I am rekindling my joy for this blog. Hopefully, I can continue to stay on track, and continue writing about what I enjoy.