Music is something so versatile and profound that it appeals to all types of people with unique tastes and preferences. Trends and waves of emerging genres can lead to over-saturation of similar artists, tracks, and styles all within one genre. Finding new and unique music that has been overshadowed by this can be difficult but is very rewarding once you have. Most of the music I have reviewed is from underground or other lesser known, alternative hip hop artists. Some people may wonder how people like me are able to find these artists. In truth, it is not very difficult. The amount of resources available online makes finding any type of artist simple to find if you know what you are looking for. Personally, I’ll find one artist on a feature or elsewhere that I like and then go down a rabbit hole. This rabbit hole usually leads to other small artists with the same type of style that I like, and this cycles until I’ve reached the end. This is why many of the artists I’ve reviewed are from Chicago. Most of them have all collaborated and essentially introduced each other to me. The hardest part about finding music you like, is know what kind of music you like. Once you’ve established this, doing a bit of research should bring you to exactly what you’re looking for. This is the beautiful thing about music: you can be a casual listener or a particular and purposeful listener. You can listen to whatever is most convenient to you and be content, or you can try to discover music that you are passionate about. Sources referencing new music are endless, and a little bit of effort can lead to a very rewarding experience with music. Even following music review media or blogs such as this one is a great step to starting your journey into music bliss.