Flamingo and Koval marks Arian Foster’s, aka “Bobby Feeno”, debut album. This work was his pivot point from a career as a running back on the Houston Texans to integrating himself into the music industry. Flamingo and Koval is a very impressive first album with beautiful production that is comparable to and reminiscent of J. Cole. The album’s opening song titled “Intro” makes it nearly impossible to get through the rest of the album as you’ll find it on repeat nonstop. This song is my favourite on the entire album for good reason. The instrumentals and production on this track give off heavy jazz influence that strike a perfect balance between vocals in the first half of the song followed by incredible trumpet and piano play in the second part of the song. The nature of the beat makes this track ideal for playing in the background while studying, but the clever word play and metaphors makes this a track that you’re going want to pay close attention to. If you are able to press the “play next” button then you will find every other track on this album is a playlist must-have. The album does a stunning job at carrying through jazz influence with different variations and styles through each track. From the mellow and stimulating “Intro”, to the upbeat “Got it”, and extending to the boom bap “Joy”, this album hits all different flavours of hip hop that will leave you craving more.

This album receives a rating of 4.1/5. Aside from the reasons stated above, the album has so much character and musicianship that stuns the listener from the get-go. The album is incredibly versatile with songs for almost every occasion. If you’re someone who enjoys and appreciates breathtaking instrumentals paired with smooth and careful lyrics, then this album is something you need to indulge in. Some critical points I had for Bobby Feeno with this work were that he could have introduced more varying flows. Although I appreciate his vocals, a little bit more diversity throughout the album in terms of lyrical delivery could have enhanced the overall listening experience.

Notable tracks: “Intro”, “Zeus Blood”, “Gawd”, and “Lips”