KOD is J. Cole’s fifth studio album and introduces a new and unique side of the artist that hadn’t been seen before. This is another album that I really enjoy and is quite different from what I usually post, but I think it would be nice change. KOD features more trap-heavy drums and Cole’s attempt at experimenting with this style. I believe he nailed it. At the time of its release, trap rap was blowing up with artists like Lil Pump and Tekashi 6ix-9ine blowing up onto the scene. Cole as an open and progressive artist decided to play around in that realm of music and he was able to implement this very nicely. On top of this, Cole’s voice was consistent with his brand and the meanings in his tracks are truly insightful and as lyrically impressive as some of his other works. The album touches on problems with modern social media, drugs, violence, and his stepfather. Songs like “Window Pain” and “Kevin’s Heart” paint very descriptive pictures in the listeners head. J. Cole tells stories that are seamless to follow along to while including subtle details that require multiple listens to discover. kill edward is the only other person featured on this album. No surprise that kill edward is also J. Cole just pitched way down. This adds an interesting dynamic to the album that lets bring variety and new dynamics through his different voices. On tracks like “FRIENDS”, kill edward is used for the chorus, and this allows Cole to transition into his rapping with ease. This album got a lot of flack as it wasn’t a “traditional” J. Cole album, but I think this was very well executed. The versatility of the entire project with a trap theme really exhibits how talented of an artist Cole really is. He shows that trap hip hop can be very profound through the messages and stories he tells in each track. Everything makes sense, and KOD is one of the easiest albums for me to listen to. I would rate it a 4.8/5 because of this.

Notable Tracks: “Window Pain”, “FRIENDS”, “Kevin’s Heart”, “BRACKETS”