Milky Way is Bas’ third solo studio album. The album follows Bas’ previous Too High to Riot and takes a totally different tone. Milky Way is a relaxed, but upbeat album that showcases many sides of Bas. This album serves as a great follow up to his previous “break-out” Too High to Riot. Soothing vocals and rhythmic flows compliment complex yet simple instrumentals. The entire album is euphonious, and the beats engage listeners from the beginning. Tracks like “Icarus” exhibit incredible use of beat and rhythm switching and show how rhythmically gifted Bas really is. “Purge” is another great example of how diverse Bas’ lyrical style is. The album is a perfect blend of modernism, boom-bap, and R&B with different styles that blend harmoniously together. Listening to this gives me a new appreciation for music that makes me feel. Mellow words mixed with fast, slow, and unique beats add nice flavour to the album as a whole. Bas’ distinct voice rings strongly throughout each track, and I enjoy how he plays with his volume and the legato of his vocals. The album is filled with content as well and gives the listener much to sink their teeth into. The features on this album are also well selected and executed. Ari Lennox on “Icarus” brings a beautiful contrast to Bas’ low rapping with her beautifully melodic singing. A$AP Ferg on “Boca Raton” is another notable feature that brings pace and different energy that helps bring more diversity to the project., and J. Cole on “Tribe” contributed to it being one of the best tracks on 2018. The production on this album is some of the best among other albums I’ve reviewed. Each track fits and augments Bas’ vocals and atmosphere. The songs almost don’t need lyrics for the listener to get a sense of what kind of emotion is put into each track. Overall, I would give this album a 4.4/5.

Notable Tracks: “Icarus”, “Barack Obama Special”, “Tribe”, and “Sanufa”