Hello, I’m Bob Parr. You may know me better as Mr. Incredible. You may not take me for a big music guy at first, but I can assure you that i had plenty of time to music between my first and second movies. I’m here to give you my insights into Kota the Friend’s FOTO. FOTO is an incredibly organic and raw album that looks to showcase the life of the New York MC. From his love life showcased through “Birdie” to balancing his fame with his personal life in “Hollywood”. Kota uses the last track title “FOTO” to say, simply put, that he’s left us with this photo. The “photo” referring to his entire album and thus his life portrayed within it. It is a perfect conclusion to say “here is me in an album”. The album represents various moods and feelings and he does an excellent job at reflecting these onto the listeners. You become immersed into his lo-fi, calming realm, and are able to soak in everything so easily. This makes the 19 track album fly by as it is so easy to listen to given its soothing and poetic feel. I personally enjoy this album after a day of fighting crime to just relax and put my mind at ease. The album is also one of Jack-Jack’s favourites and helps calm him down when he gets a little too fired up. Overall, I would rate this album a solid 4.0/5. It is a great listen with thoughtful insight and storytelling into the life of Kota the Friend. Kota’s poetic delivery over the melodic and jazzy is so easy to get lost in that you’ll find yourself finishing the entire album before you’ve even thought so. A criticism for this album I have though would be that some of the songs share similar sounds and that a little more variety overall could have helped this project really flourish.

Notable Tracks: “Sedona”, “Chicago Diner”, “Solar Return”, and “Alkaline”