Noir is Smino’s second studio album after blkswan. The eighteen-track album is a great listen for people who enjoy R&B with different flavours. His diverse vocals along with the varying instrumental styles and tempo bring a level of diversity that listeners can really appreciate. While listening through, it doesn’t feel like I’m listening to the same album. The level of variation is well implemented all while keeping the album harmonious and in unison. Smino hits heavy jazz notes in “SPINZ” that make you want to stop and slow down; Heavy contrasts to this come from tracks like “KRUSHED ICE” where you may find this in a party or club-like setting. The album is fun and funny. Smino’s clever word play and rhyming schemes can bring a smile to a listener at any time. I find myself struggling to put into words what listening to this album is like. Part of the reason this review is so late is because I haven’t been able to switch off it in the last four weeks. The album is very poetic. If you are looking to fully appreciate Smino’s lyricism and genius listening to the tracks with the lyrics pulled up is essential. This can help you visualise his double entendres and appreciate the cleverness of his penmanship. His use of metaphors and other poetic devices help paint very real and vivid scenes that can immerse the listener into a rich and satisfying experience. I can say that from listening to only this album for the last four weeks, there is always something new that I am finding with his work, and I find that I can’t get tired of this. The incredibly diverse track list makes this album listenable in all moods and situations. I would give this track a 4.6/5 because of these reasons. I hadn’t listened to Smino much before this, but now I can’t stop listening. Please do yourself a favour and indulge in the experience that is Noir.