I am doing a peer review of Emily’s blog, “Emily’s Foodiful Land”. This is a really great blog and blog concept that I think she has executed very well. I think blogging recipes is a great idea in how it is not just an expression of oneself, but in how it is also something many people would find useful once they’ve finished reading the blog. Personally, I’ve been eating out at a lot of Asian and Korean restaurants, and I thoroughly enjoyed her Tteok-Bokki recipe. The layout of the blog is very simple and tasteful. Finding things and navigating through it isn’t hard at all, and the presentation of her recipe is very thoughtful. Emily has spaced out and organized different sections of the recipe so that one following it can do so without difficulty. The recipe is well thought through and includes serving size, measurements, and prep and cook times. The recipe’s presentation makes making Tteok-Bokki fool-proof! The short summary of the dish at the beginning of her recipe is also very helpful. It gives a snapshot of what the final product will be like and allows the reader to make a quick and easy decision on if they are interested in committing to making the recipe. Emily’s overall theme is also something to praise. The background is reminiscent of a picnic tablecloth which fits nicely with the overall theme of food. The use of pictures is also a nice touch that easily grab readers’ attention to different parts of the blog. As for Emily’s process post, I enjoyed the short and quaint story, but I think if she elaborated a bit further on the content of her discussion with the stranger, it may have made the post a bit more engaging. Her conclusion was nice in how she drew on that more dialogue with strangers can promote more comfort in speaking with unfamiliar people, as well as strengthen one’s social life. More direct reference to some of the ideas in the readings could have definitely enhanced and added to some of her points as well, but besides that they were well done. Recipe blogs are quite difficult for the author to convey and express themselves, however, I think given this, Emily has found a way to do so. Her second mini assignment gives great insight into her as a person and her relationship with food. Additionally, the overall design and writing style helps further express who she is and helps the reader grasp a connection to the author through her food. A little more care and attention to sentence structure and some grammatical issues could help make things more clear and easy for the reader to interpret. Aside from this, Emily’s recipe blog is a great read for people looking to expand their cooking vocabulary, and it provides great insights into her own experiences with it.

Emily’s Blog: http://emilyjunggg.com/