“Michelle Studies” is a well organized and tasteful blog that I was asked to review for this week. Michelle’s blog is mainly a study blog, but she also expresses her desire to include and flex in other interests of hers which include Chinese calligraphy, embroidery, crocheting, Mandarin, and more. Michelle’s blog is very well put together, and navigating through it is seamless. She has made some conscious design decisions that have contributed to a very aesthetically pleasing website. Light-coloured photos over the white background are simple enough, but have a profound impact on the interpretations of the blog. They lead to a very weightless and elegant appearance that pairs well with Michelle’s content and writing style. The fonts she has selected as well are very compatible with the rest of her design decisions as well. They are very similar to handwriting, which pairs well with her blog about class notes. Ease of navigation comes from the addition of a sidebar menu popup. Selecting the three horizontal bars in the top left corner opens a straightforward and concise menu that includes her about page, blog posts, Posiel posts and more. I appreciate the light pink colouring of this menu as well to add some contrast to the rest of the page while still maintaining the overall elegance. The orange overlay when mousing over her posts also achieves this perfect contrast and brings a nice pop to the page. Michelle is clearly experienced in website design, as also mentioned in her about page, and she has been spot on in making her page harmonious and elegant. In one post, Michelle talks about her dilemma in how she should present her notes; She wonders if she should present them to be aesthetically pleasing or if it would be better if they were more functionally presented. I believe the answer to this question lies in the identity of the website. She states in her about section how she wants to focus on posting aesthetically pleasing and organized notes, and I believe that is the way to go with her presentation of them. This would go very well with how the rest of her blog is laid out and designed, and it would fit right in. Furthermore, unless people are coming to this blog for specific notes on classes they also have, I would argue that that presentation of the notes are more important and valued by the audience than the content in the notes themselves. Ultimately, Michelle has carefully crafted a beautiful website that pairs very well with her content and blogging purpose. I think if she started to add in some of her other interests as well it could appeal to a broader audience, as well as please her current one by bringing in some more variety and content.

Blog Link: http://michellestudies.com/