Peer Review 3

This week I will be reviewing Keefe’s blog, “100 days of sketching”.  From first glance, the blog is quite simplistic. The drawings are simple in presentation, but complex in their own ways. I think this contrast is quite nice, it and can help the audience appreciate the drawing even more. The black and white theme also adds to the overall atmosphere of the blog. Keeping the theme consistent with the content is something I c an appreciate and helps the viewer immediately understand what type of blog they are viewing.

I think the layout itself could use a bit of work. A gallery or some other exhibition of the sketches may make it easier for the viewer to glance over and dive further into sketches that caught their eye. Having to scroll down through the recent feed to try and find the different sketches makes it a little difficult to locate them. Having the sketches in a gallery where they are clearly displayed next to each other could contribute to ease of navigation and a better overall user experience. Besides the gallery as a viable option, I believe organizing blog posts into their own category would help achieve some of the same things mentioned prior.

I would like to touch on the uniqueness of this blog as well. Though it is simply designed, I think the idea of drawing a sketch and adding a snippet to it is very creative. It is a great idea for displaying their sketching talent, all the while creating something for an audience to look forward to.

One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing added would be a little more insight or discussion about the sketches. I think if Keefe were to add a bit more in terms of written enlightenment then viewers may be able to connect with the artist and the work a little bit more. This could contribute to the transition of simple abstract sketches, to something with meaning to the artist as well as the audience.

Overall, I think this is a well-designed website with a very creative and unique idea. This idea could be better exhibited and greatly enhanced by simply implementing an explicit gallery or space for the sketches. As well, adding more insight into the sketches such as how or why they were drawn and giving them purpose can help make this website more relatable, engaging, and meaningful. Besides this, I think the website has established a well-suited identity and theme, and I hope Keefe continues down this path to improving the already strong website.   

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