Craig Mod’s “How I Got My Attention Back” is a great article that touches on the economy of attention being heavily invested into the online and media industries. This is an article that made me think and evaluate where I invest my attention and found that much of what he said was relatable and accurate. Allocating my attention to other sources has become increasingly harder to do as technology evolves. Not only because of how tech developers are able to find more and more efficient ways at keeping people compulsively attentive, but also because this tech consumes others around you. This inadvertently takes away the other major source to redirect your attention to in friends and other relationships. If these friends and other relationships are investing most of their attention in media and the internet, then they will not have much to allocate to you. Without this mutual channel to funnel each others’ attention into, it makes it so that most will stay content with defaulting to media and online living. If everyone had an understanding of this, then it may be easier to find these channels within one’s relationship and redirect the majority of your attention into them.