Room 25 is Noname’s first studio album. This is coming off of her debut mixtape Telefone. Noname is an incredibly talented female artist who I believe deserves major accolades for her sound and unique style. Her melodic and lullaby-like atmosphere is something that is sure to sooth and put you in a good mood. The thing that makes Noname one of the most unique artists at the moment is her one-of-a-kind rapping style. Listening to her, it almost sounds like she hears and raps on a swing rather than on beat. Her off-beat and odd delivery of lyrics is executed perfectly and is something that not many other artists could pull off at her level. The album absolutely grasps you from first listen and doesn’t let go. Noname’s soul really comes through in the album and leaves an effect on the souls of those who grace their ears with it. Its like comfort food for R&B lovers with great taste. Every song will give the listener something to satisfy their cravings with, but will also leave them with an addiction for more. This is the unfortunate product of the album only being eleven songs long. Thankfully, Noname brings back a reunion on her track “Ace” with Smino and Saba. The “Aces” in the deck showcase their rapping abilities and exhibit fast, tasteful bars that listeners may get lost in if they’re not listening carefully. Other songs on Room 25 touch on subjects like Noname’s love life, stage name, and stereotypes around her. Noname has done a stellar job at crafting each song to be meaningful and worth the listen, and should be done so from top to bottom. The one criticism I have of this album is of course that it was only eleven songs long, and I think many other people, myself included, would have appreciated a bit more euphony. I would rate this album a strong 4.3/5. Its definitely underappreciated, and I think it deserves much more attention than it has received.

Notable Tracks: “Ace”, “Regal”, “Self”, and “Window”