The Autobiography is Vic Mensa’s first studio album and came out in 2017.

The Autobiography is Vic Mensa’s first studio album and came out in 2017. The album is quite unique and niche in terms of consumer taste. Vic’s approach is heavily based around more spoken words rather than trying to find certain flows. He can pull this off without it sounding boring or monotonous in part due to the quality and tastefulness of the production. The styles of instrumental vary heavily between songs which keeps it interesting and enjoyable. Vic also incorporates a lot of his singing on this project. His voice is more coarse and tough which adds to some of the emphasis and effect of his lyrics. The album features different chapters of his life, and Vic displays his ability to story tell through vivid imagery and effective wordplay. My favourite track that exhibits this is “Heaven on Earth”. This is a track about the exchange of messages between Vic and his murdered friend in Heaven. The beat is perfectly balanced so that you can really pay attention to the lyrics while enjoying the euphony of the song. The track takes your mind to the different scenes so seamlessly all while maintaining the integrity and quality of a good song. The rest of the album touches on different topics like love, drugs, depression, and his childhood among other things. The album feels a bit retro and old school with hints of trap and modernism. Listening to this album was a nice break from a lot of modern genres of hip hop. The samples for the beats are from different eras that range from the late 30s all the way to 2016. This helps offer new flavours with each track and gives the album the versatility to keep listeners engaged. I would rate this album a 4/5. I think some of his vocals were a little too coarse and didn’t mix well with some of the auto tune that was utilized. I would’ve appreciated a little more lyrical diversity in terms of his flows and rapping.

Notable Tracks: “Heaven on Earth”, “Didn’t I”, “Memories on 47th St.”, and “Wings”