Incorporating transmedia into my blog has been something I’ve wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to. I think posting on social media is quite convenient for most people online, and it makes it easy to communicate as social media is accessible and more easily a two-way stream of discussion. I’ve made a twitter account, but I haven’t really thought about what I would post on it. As I’ve mentioned in my previous process post, time has been something I’ve struggled to manage with this blog. Implementing a twitter account may add more fuel to the fire that I am trying to control currently. The usefulness of transmedia would also help me grasp a better sense of who my audience is and what they like or dislike. I think twitter suits my blog very well as an outlet because it would be utilized for discussions. Being an opinion blog, it is always important to listen to different perspectives so that you may become more enlightened to different ideas. This can help me shape more versatile views or even change my outlook completely on some things. It is always much more enjoyable discussing thoughts with other people who reciprocate rather than shooting my thoughts into a one way blackhole of communication.